Senegalese Twist

Also known as rope twist. Gives you a tighter and smoother look.

Dread Locs

We do the comb twist, we wash, retwist dreds and style them

Feed In Braids

Also known as Ghana braids but done differently from regular corn rows

Micro Braids

Braided between 2 to 5 inches from the scalp and the rest is left hanging down

Crochete Braids

Done with twisted hair, also curly loose hair can be used for crochete

Box Braids

Its with synthetic hair, it’s a 3 strand braids, lasts much longer

Braids Touch Up

2 rows in front and one row around the head taken down cleaned and rebraided

Kinky Twists

A two stranded hair style in which the hair is woven into perfect spirals.

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